Join the CRIMO special unit, specialized in logical crime investigations. After a short training at the Police Academy, you will be sent to lead murder cases in Miami and New York, by applying pure logic to solve puzzles.

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Riddle Stones is a game of logic that will train your brain: like crosswords but with squares and numbers. The game is based on the Asian riddles known as picross, griddler and nonogram. It’s a real mind challenge wrapped in a fun experience where you need to think and use your brains to succeed.

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13 different mini-game challenges to beat

4,000 maps to explore

15,000 treasures to collect and share with your friends on Facebook

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2009 - 2018

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"And if you want some fun, take  OB-LA-DI  OB-LA-DA" 

The Beatles

Indy dev & publisher  since 2009, with over 18 million downloads, OOBLADA is one of the TOP 20 French gaming companies.

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